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Service Introduction
globaltyp(The Youth Pay) is
Globaltyp is a FinTech-based simple payment service. To use Globaltyp, the user should register their personal wallet in the Youth Pay app in advance and then charge the wallet using the registered payment method. We attempt to ease the financial burden of young people by providing discounts and tax benefits when they make Globaltyp payments.
globaltyp is
To use Globaltyp, you can get a Globaltyp card. After charging it, you can use the card. You can also use QR codes and bar codes in the Globaltyp app. We provide discounts and tax benefits by affiliating with all franchises across the country and establishing partnerships with lots of universities and educational institutions. In addition, to expand the cultural life of young people, we are expanding the number of our affiliated stores.

In addition, through business agreements with Shinhan Bank, we will make them utilize Globaltyp for supporting young entrepreneurs, for the projects to fund university Globaltyp scholarships, and for the youth/university student loans.