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Other Services
We will accelerate the use of Globaltyp at large educational institutions and affiliated stores across the country. We will promote the use of Globaltyp in areas where educational institutions are highly concentrated, such as Noryangjin and Gangnam-gu, to analyze the educational needs and patterns of young people and provide customized education programs to them.
The Youth Scholarship Project will support young people who reside in the economic and social blind spots. By utilizing the data regarding the youth's blind spots created from the project, we will establish welfare programs for young people.
We will make it possible to make payments using Globaltyp at the F&B stores on the rodeo streets, the mecca of young people. And by analyzing the consumption data, we will establish F&B market strategies and lead the trends.
Through the QR code of the Globaltyp DApp, you can make payments both domestically and globally. Annual precipitation in Malaysia is 2,400 mm. Record-breaking rain in Malaysia on the last 20th killed 27 people, the highest death toll since 2014. Also, it caused more than 70,000 victims. To support recovery from these disasters, we will use Youth Pay.